About company

The FORBOOKS goal is to support the e-bookshops community.
We create a wide variety of solutions like book recommendations app or book as gift plug-in.

Our efforts are focused on raising sales of books online.

FORBOOKS business endeavors include connecting book publishing industry with a broad range of e-commerce markets.

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Gift pack creator GIFTBOX

Books sold as a gift plugin for websites, e-bookshops and publishing companies.
Stage of development: Sales pitch to medium and small publishers and blogs. Customization of the mechanism to meet the requirements of large Partners. Advanced Book Recommendation System

Book recommendation system based on features of the plot and expert data
Stage of development: Market tests, cooperation meetings

Inspiring on

Feature map of places connected to books, movies, games.
Currently the project is in development on the Polish market and English-speaking markets.
Stage of development: Technology development. Expected time of launch: January 2018

Book Post

Prototype eBooks presenting the rich possibility of shipping gift books.
Stage of development: Building market presence. Website is specialising in suport of Publishing houses, press pack campaigns and book tuning.

Our Team

Małgorzata Sieniewicz
Małgorzata Sieniewicz Chairwoman
Urszula Witkowska
Urszula Witkowska Director of Business Development
Zbigniew Łapiński
Zbigniew Łapiński CIO
George Fengler
George Fengler Director of Marketing & Product Development

5 important facts about ForBooks

18 years in book industry

Management personnel has on average 18 years of experience in the culture and book industry.


20 years in IT industry

IT staff has more than 20 years of experience in advanced e-projects.

6 years of expirience as ForBooks

ForBooks team have been developing solutions for the book market for 6 years.


Investment in technology

ForBooks raised 500.000 € for the development of technologies dedicated to the book market.

4 Products for industry

Currently, ForBooks is developing 4 technological solutions for the book industry.